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Global collaboration to build resilience is imperative for the sustainable advancement of our civilization.

  • Narrative-driven Intelligence
  • Driving healthy habits
  • Developing driven people

the driven team

science advisory board

Jörgen Herlofson

Jörgen Herlofson

BA, MD, Psychiatrist, Licensed Psychotherapist

Jörgen has extensive teaching and clinical experiences within the fields of psychiatric diagnostics and cognitive therapy. He is also the chief editor as well as coauthor of the main Swedish textbook of psychiatry, in addition to being the official translator of the DSM. Jörgen has also conducted supervision and training large groups of clinician psychiatric staff in Sweden.

Eric Beeson

Dr Eric Beeson


Eric is a core faculty member in the clinical mental health counseling program at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. He has extensive teaching and clinical experience in a variety of settings with an emphasis on the infusion of neuroscience in counseling. Eric is also the current President-Elect of the American Mental Health Counselors Association.

Dr Shannyn Chataway

Dr Shannyn Chataway

BPsySc (Hons), DPsych (Org)

Shannyn is a registered psychologist with a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology, having explored the area of organizational culture in her doctoral studies. Shannyn works in Organisational Development service delivery, building new approaches to enhance mental health in businesses.

Prof Dirk Geldenhuys

Prof Dirk Geldenhuys


Dirk is a full Professor in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University of South Africa and chaired the department for six years. He is a registered Industrial Psychologist and Master HR Practitioner with lifelong honorary membership of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa.

We are on a mission to build resilience at a global scale

The power of improved resilience and wellbeing in one person is significant - the effect flows through to their homes, partners, children, friends, colleagues, workplaces, and communities.

By strengthening individual people, we strengthen our teams, organizations and our larger society.

We are always working hard with our Science Advisory Board on new research projects.