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Who is this for?

A ground-breaking course designed for anyone interested in supporting resilience in others:

  • Leading businesses looking to be proactive about mental health
  • Managers & HR staff
  • Learning & development staff
  • Peer support staff
  • Parents
  • Anyone interested in learning more about resilience

Accreditation overview - What's included?

About The AReC Course

  • Access the accreditation training presented by resilience expert Jurie Rossouw through training videos – Equivalent to 1 full day's training
  • 8 Hours of Continuing Education where relevant to your occupational requirements
  • Self-paced learning – unique narrative-driven training


Accreditation curriculum

To become an Accredited Resilience Champion, you’ll learn about different aspects of resilience as well as gain access to comprehensive tools to help you support resilience building.

1. The Neuroscience of Resilience

Understand the fundamental neuroscience concepts that drive resilience. See how these concepts relate to resilience and gain an ability to explain these.

2. The Resilience Domains

Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration, Health. These are the six domains of resilience you will learn about. Each domain is explained in detail along with the content of the online training materials.

3. Resilience Measurement & Reporting

The structure of the PR6 questionnaire is discussed, including the interpretation of reports. A sample report is walked through, and all areas explained. Momentum as a predictive measure within the report is explained.

4. Driven Resilience Development

Driven’s daily microtasks comprehensively build neural pathways to effectively facilitate long-term resilience improvement. The program is discussed in detail, as well as mechanics of how it works as an automated platform.

5. Using Driven

Through visual examples, we walk through the online platform. Functionality and system settings are explained to tailor Driven to your needs. Available resources and support are explained.

6. Practical Examples

Explanation of how Driven can be used in a coaching format, as a practitioner, with individuals, with small groups, with large groups, businesses, schools, and more. Example training formats are discussed, as well as options for measurement and full resilience development.

7. AI & The Future of Coaching

Learn about how to use artificial intelligence and automation to help you achieve more behavioral change. We explore the future of coaching.

8. Certification

At the end of the certification, assessment is conducted and a code of ethics is presented as the standard by which you must abide when using the Driven services. This ensures the highest level of integrity and quality with clients.

On completion

Once accredited, you'll get access to comprehensive resilience resources.


The Accreditation

  • Receive a certificate of your accreditation marking your successful completion of the AReC training
  • Be registered with Driven as an Accredited Resilience Champion
  • Get notified of updates and opportunities for resilience training work

Comprehensive Resources

  • 11 videos - Neuroscience & 6 domains of resilience
  • 200 interactive resilience-building activities through Driven
  • 7 Posters – The resilience domains (PDF)
  • Presentation materials – 170+ slides with speaker notes
  • Practitioner manual & Research papers - full PR6 research papers

Accreditation Fee

Access the full course AReC course for a simple one-off fee:



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What our clients say

The #1 resilience solution


Susane Belkhiati

Coach & Resilience Practitioner

"By using the PR6 Assessment Tool this gives us the perfect starting point and allows us to individually tailor our clients coaching needs, fast-tracking them into stable employment and/or study. By continuing with the Resilience Training for the entire 7 months this offers ongoing support to establish sustainability in their new venture. We are experiencing a high level of success using this program."


Michael Piraino

Certified Resilience Coach

"I see huge potential with this. I've been involved with similar work with a couple of online systems and yours is, I think, the best…The Driven Resilience program is the cornerstone of my coaching practice, and was one of the best things that I did for my business."


Bill Carson

Mental Health & Resilience Expert

"The comprehensive information and neuroscience behind the 6 Resilience Domains are very helpful and informative for people to use and apply in their professional and personal life. The additional on-line learning resources have consistently supported my clients to improve and embed their resilience and coping strategies."

About your trainer: Resilience Expert Jurie Rossouw

Jurie Rossouw has published multiple research papers on the neuroscience of resilience, appeared on TV, written books, and published many articles for various magazines and publications.

His training style is to deliver the most relevant and actionable information to you in an easy-going style through plain language. Because of this, he frequently gets high praise from participants.

Here he is discussing the 2019 research paper as an example of his training style:

image image image image

Why become an Accredited Resilience Champion?

Our accredition program sets you up to become a pillar of support in helping others build resilience. Join the community today.



Receive a certificate establishing you as an accredited resilience champion - AReC



The course contains 1 days' worth of content, finish it in a day or take your time with it



10 hours of continuing education hours that can count to your occupational requirements



Learn about the neuroscience behind resilience and how to tackle resilience challenges head first



Access comprehensive resilience-building skills and resources to use in your business


Learn about Driven

Learn how the program works and get insider tips and tricks on how to make Driven work the best for you

Driven's tools for resilience


1. Resilience Accreditation

Get accredited

Learn about the latest in resilience coaching with our resilience coaching course (AReC) and become an Accredited Resilience Champion.


2. Resilience Assessment

Measure resilience

Access our peer-reviewed, scientific scale called the PR6 which is based on the 6 domains of resilience.


3. Resilience Report

Evaluate resilience

You’ll receive a detailed report about your own strengths and weaknesses in comparison to a benchmark average.

4. Driven App & Desktop

Build resilience

Get personalised activities based on your needs to help in the moment as well as preventative exercises via our desktop and phone app.

PR6 resilience scale assessment

Our evidence-based & scientific resilience psychometric


Only taking 3-minutes to complete, the PR6 identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains. It's the first resilience psychometric to incorporate physical factors.

Learn more

Take the PR6 Proxy Test now

More about the accreditation

Who is this training available for?

Online accredition is available for anyone interested in knowong more about resilience and supporting resilience in others. This includes managers, HR staff, L&D staff, peer support staff, parents looking to improve results in children, teachers, and so on.

Is there a satisfaction guarrantee?

Yes! 100% money back guarrantee within 14 days of registration. Just email us at Though we're confident you'll enjoy it as we get great feedback from our practitioners!

What age groups can the PR6 and the program be used with?

The PR6 and Driven has been used many age groups across various professions and occupational statuses. We've had great success with using the PR6 and Driven program with students from 14 years old and upwards.

How long does it take to complete the course

The course material is equivalent to a full day workshop. Some of our practitioner complete the course in one day, usually on a weekend, while others do a bit each day until complete. It's up to you how fast you want to complete, since it's all self paced. Don't worry about forgetting though, Driven will remind you to keep going!

How is AReC different from the CReC course?

The Certified Resilience Coach (CReC) course is for psychologists, therapists and coaches. CReC enables access to Driven Pro which allows mental health professionals to assess resilience through the PR6 and provide access to the Driven program through their practice. If you fall into that category, complete the CReC program instead.

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