Resilient during a pandemic - Coronavirus

Your Brain on a Healthy Routine - Being Resilient During a Pandemic

Our next session on Resilience During a Pandemic - Staying healthy is not just about looking after your body, but your brain as well. Let's explore!

Stress, worry, information overload… If there was ever a time when we need resilience, it is now.

Driven specializes in helping people assess and build personal resilience. Simply, the more resilient you are, the better you can handle a situation like the coronavirus pandemic and support those around you.

Personally, I want to help you be resilient during this time. That’s why I’m launching a series of free online workshops.

In thisg workshop, we'll investigate:

  • Your brain on health

  • Sleep, nutrition, exercise... practical Covid tips

  • Do live Q&A

A recording of the workshop is available below. Enjoy!

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