How Driven Builds Resilience

Fun, engaging, beautiful and fully digital, Driven is an AI resilience app to manage stress, increase motivation & proactively address challenges

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Chat 24/7 to our friendly chatbot to cope with the ever increasing demands and other daily stresses. On-demand, whenever you need it.


Artificial Intelligence

Our AI creates complex logic that powers conversational capabilities and understands over time the intent behind the user’s input. It responds and interacts in a human way to achieve lasting, individual, positive behavioural change.


200+ Engaging Activities

Personalised and automated micro-tasks based on your strength and potential in vision, health, tenacity, composure, reasoning and collaboration. Get a year-long, comprehensive training and learn at your own pace and time.


Insights & Tracking

Gain detailed insight into your wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness over time.

  • Re-think stress & achieve zen
  • Proactively manage challenges
  • Use mistakes as launch pads
  • Increase drive and self-motivate
  • Build deep, unshakable confidence
  • Achieve relationship success
  • Network & form lasting connections
  • Optimize a healthy lifestyle
  • Become a champion of change

Science-backed Resilience Assessment


The PR6 is an advanced and efficient resilience psychometric measurement. Through a 3-min questionnaire, the PR6 identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains.

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Way more than a chatbot - a true virtual coach


Personalised experiences

Get personalised chats based on your strengths and potential


Comprehensive program

200+ engaging activities from goal setting to tenacity


Easy Setup

Setup for a resilient workforce takes 5 minutes


Secure access

Your data is secure and confidential


Customisable platform

Adjust Driven to your needs, brand and industry


Scalable solution

Add 1-100,000 users in just a few clicks

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Value for users

Driven delivers measurable outcomes


Increased Resilience

Users become 25% more resilient within the first 6 months.


Easy to Use

95% of people find Driven easy and engaging.


Improved Performance

91% of people improve from active participation.


Higher Satisfaction

Users have a higher school and job satisfation rate when using Driven.

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