Predictive 6-Factor Resilience Model

The PR6 sets out the six domains of resilience in a holistic and peer-reviewed framework.


PR6 Resilience Assessment

The PR6 is an advanced and efficient resilience psychometric questionnaire. Through a 3-min questionnaire, the PR6 identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains of resilience.

Valuable Insights

The PR6 is a holistic, forward-looking psychometric measurement of the crucial life skills that lead to the achievement of wellbeing and personal success.


Through the Momentum measurement, not only does the PR6 measure current resilience, but can also predict future direction.

Broadly Applicable

Used with small and big businesses, recruitment, top athletes, and even schools with students from 14 years old.


Worried about survey fatigue? The PR6 only takes 3 minutes and can achieve 89% participation when used in organizations.


Our neuroscience research established the PR6 with a strong internal consistency score of 0.8398, with each domain separately validated.

Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale – Domains of Resilience and How an improvement in resilience boosts job satisfaction

Continuing from previous research on the Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6), this study provides further domain-level validation in addition to investigation of resilience as an enabler of job satisfaction.


Methods: A multi-stage testing format was employed using a group of primarily professional adults (n=617). Domain-level scales were developed through ratings from the research panel. Validation data was collected through an online measurement device. Multiple versions of the scales were tested for internal consistency, with scales retained, modified or rejected based on resulting scores. From this, domain-level scales were finalised, an extended 50-item resilience scale (PR6-50) was developed, and the 16-item PR6 was revised. Analysis was conducted against the Brief Index of Affective Job Satisfaction (BIAJS) and demographic data.


Results: Scales for each domain were validated with good internal consistency (>0.70). The PR6-50 showed high internal consistency (0.9372), while the revised 16-item PR6 showed improved internal consistency (0.8398). Resilience results showed a correlation of 0.536 (P value < 0.001) with BIAJS, while the Vision domain showed the highest correlation at 0.607 (P value < 0.001).


Conclusion: The result strengthens the internal consistency and domain validity of the PR6, as well as establishing an extended version (PR6-50) for further resilience research and clinical purposes. The relationship of resilience to job satisfaction, in particular the Vision domain, provides additional pathways for exploration to improve employee engagement and performance in organisations.

How the PR6 Resilience Assessment works

What does the PR6 measure?

PR6 Combined Skills

The PR6 resilience assessment questionnaire is a unique scale in that it measures a combination of mental and physical factors. This produces a unique holistic view of individual resilience. Our research pioneered the concept of holistic mind-body resilience.


This is summarised across the 6 Domains of Resilience that we identified through our first research paper. Here we explored the neuroscience of resilience, setting a foundation of what we use to measure resilience. Performing the PR6 assessment on an individual measures their relative strengths across each of the 6 domains.


Domain scores are produced, along with a overall resilience quotient. Each domain is designed as an aspect that can be learned and improved through directed effort. This means your score is a starting point – a foundation on which to build on.

Target Participants

This is an all-round resilience measurement psychometric that has had participants from 14 years-old and upwards. Measurement is useful both at personal and professional levels.


This makes it a very versatile tool that can help people identify a path forward to build mental strength and grit. The program is ideal for groups or teams, as team-based reporting identifies group trends and fosters communication to uncover root causes and improve together.

Scientifically Validated

The PR6 is based on the core neurobiological foundations that underpin resilience. These are identified in our original research available online here. Through this research the PR6 was scientifically validated as a psychometric scale with an alpha of 0.8398, indicating strong internal consistency.


Our focus on neuroscience enables identification of more effective ways to build resilience, leading to comprehensive resilience microlearning training also available through the Driven platform.

Who Uses the PR6?

The absolute relevance of resilience to every single individual means that the PR6 is used in a large variety of contexts. Here are some examples of where the PR6 is being used already.


  • Local and federal government departments
  • Psychologists, coaches and counsellors
  • Large enterprise organisations, from line staff to executives
  • Top athletes and sports teams
  • Police, fire & rescue
  • Schools with teachers, students and parents
  • Universities worldwide for research
  • Mental health organisations

PR6 Accessibility

Driven Resilience App

The PR6 is a born-digital tool, meaning it’s designed to be fully accessible in all modes of delivery.

  • The PR6 is delivered online through our unique microlearning platform called Driven.
  • The Driven platform is cloud-based and designed to work seamlessly on any device, including PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.
  • Participants can access Driven at any time on either corporate or personal devices.
  • Driven is accessible locally and internationally – anywhere with an internet connection and a device to access it on.

Getting Started

Overall, the PR6 is an incredibly useful neuroscience-based resilience assessment that is already being used by top institutions and psychologists worldwide.

So, if you are wondering what is the best psychological assessment to determine resilience, then the PR6 is your answer. Are you a psychologist, counsellor or coach and want to start using it in your practice? Then click here for the certification course that will teach you all you need to know about the PR6.

Are you in an organisation and thinking about resilience assessment for your people? Then get in touch with us today and let’s chat about resilience in your people.

More about the PR6

For psychologists, counsellors and coaches, you can complete the highly rated online certification course to get access to an online admin area where you can administer the PR6. For businesses, governments and other organisations, we have many ways to deliver this unique resilience assessment. Start your certification now to learn how to use the PR6.

The standard PR6 that is used with organisations and in psychology practice has 16 question, taking about 3 minutes to complete. The PR6-50 used in research studies has 50 questions, taking around 10 minutes to complete.

Absolutely. As an admin, you’ll have access in the Driven admin area where you can choose if your client should see the results right away, or if you’d prefer to lock the results so you can review prior to talking to your client accessing the results.

The PR6 achieved a high internal consistency. The PR6-50 has an internal consistency of 0.9372 (very high), while the standard 16 item PR6 has an internal consistency of 0.8398 (high). Domain level consistency scores can be seen in the full 2017 research paper which you can access here.

The PR6 is mainly administered through the Driven platform using an online system. This provides an instant report at the end that highlights strengths and areas to focus on. The online system gives you the ability to invite participants to complete it over email, or you can use it in person to complete the PR6 directly on your device. Additional functionality is available for working with large groups, allowing you to pre-register people, or to have people register themselves.

The PR6 is owned by Hello Driven Pty Ltd. The PR6 is a commercial tool and is protected by copyright.

For academic research, a pack is available that contains the PR6 Manual and scoring sheets. This enables you to use the PR6 through paper-based surveying, or enter it into your own digital research platform. For project approval, contact us at support@hellodriven.com

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