Assessments, Certifications & Programs

Our courses and training programs form part of an integrated framework for individual and cultural growth.

Build your resilience with neuroscience-based training. Our resilience training gives anyone the ability to build personal resilience skills and protect mental health through a scientific preventative approach.

RFA - Resilience First Aid Certification

The RFA Certification is an accredited 2-day mental health course to learn critical skills to proactively support and protect mental wellness.

Duration: 2-days –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $575pp

HART - High Adversity Resilience Training Certification

Driven’s HART Certification is an accredited 2-day program to build advanced resilience skills in people exposed to extreme stress (first responders, defense, healthcare…).

Duration: 2-days –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $345pp

RFAST - Resilience First Aid Starter Training

Connected Resilience training to build mental wellness in groups through the 6 domains of resilience, along with psychosocial awareness training.

Duration: 2-hours –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $65pp

Driven Resilience App

Take on a personal quest to become your best through short daily activities guided by the Driven chatbot. Use videos, articles, assessments, and chats to keep growing.

Duration: 5 mins daily –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $10pm

Become a Certified Resilience Coach by using advanced and scientifically proven tools and techniques. Save time with comprehensive high quality resources to do assessments, deliver workshops, and scale up your practice.

CReC - Certified Resilience Coach

Become a Certified Resilience Coach (CReC) and learn how to use the PR6, the Driven Resilience App, and receive comprehensive resources to host resilience workshops and expand your practice with further training available.

Duration: 2-days –  Prerequisites: None – Fees: AU $1495pp

RFA Instructor - Resilience First Aid Instructor

Become an RFA Instructor and gain the training and resources to host RFA workshops and certify participants using an extension of the PR6 model.

Duration: 3-days –  Prerequisites: RFA & CReC Certified – Fees: AU $3055pp

HART Instructor - High Adversity Resilience Training Instructor

Learn how apply the High Adversity Resilience Training program as a coach in individuals that operate in high adversity settings, using advanced resilience techniques and receive comprehensive materials to create a culture of resilience.

Duration: 2.5-days –  Prerequisites: HART & CReC Certified – Fees: AU $1650pp

RFAST Presenter Training

Add the Resilience First Aid Starter Training course to your portfolio as a powerful introduction into Connected Resilience and psychosocial awareness training.

Duration: 3-hours –  Prerequisites: RFAST & CReC Certified – Fees: AU $495pp

Certified Resilient Workplace Partner Training

Learn how to cultivate and embed a culture of resilience in workplaces and help them achieve Certified Resilient Workplace Recognition.

Duration: 1-day –  Prerequisites: CReC Certified – Fees: FREE

Discover the Driven Resilience App

These resilience training programs are for anyone that is interested in improving their resilience. Our programs are designed for individuals, teams and enterprises.

Resilience assessments can be used by individuals and organisations to measure resilience and other aspects of their mental health.


Our Certified Resilience Coaches can help you build personal resilience and embed a culture of resilience within organisations. Programs include: