Driven’s resilience workshops are designed to teach participants how to navigate through stress and adversity while staying motivated.

Developed for individuals and organisations that are looking to improve performance and resilience. From small team to management-level resilience workshops.

Our resilience workshops provide practical training, tactics and tools to build resilience in individuals and teams. The resilience training is designed to teach participants how to deal with stress in different environments. Our workshops will provide your organisation with the necessary knowledge and materials to achieve this.


Resilient workers have been shown to demonstrate higher energy levels and better work performance. A resilient team can amplify the overall work output and help other people cope with stress.


A resilience workshop is ideal for individuals and organisations that want to learn how to identify and deal with stress triggers. It is important to recognise that everyone has a unique personality and utilising a team’s effort can help individuals develop resilience much more effectively.


The workshop is designed to teach individuals on how they can identify the different traits of stress. Participants will develop skills to cope and deal with adversity by understanding the 6 domains of resilience.


We can develop a team’s resilience by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Team resilience workshops allow participants to explore and develop their resilience while being supported by others.


Managers play a key role in their team’s well-being and in creating a working environment where resilience can be nurtured. These workshops are designed to provide managers with tactics and tools to help support and minimise stress within their team.

How Resilience Workshops Work

1. Contact our team

2. Discuss your resilience goals with our team

3. Our resilience coach will set up a workshop

4. You or your team will run through our workshop

5. Learn strategies to cope with stress and adversity

Resilience Workshop Case Studies

Resilience Workshop Details

This is a practical workshop that provides resilience theory and development tools for individuals and teams.


  • Participants will be introduced to the 6 Domains of Resilience (vision, composure, reasoning, health, tenacity and collaboration)
  • Shown relevant tools and materials that can be used to assess and develop resilience skills
  • Network with your team in a safe environment
  • Understand the impact of stress and learn how to identify the root cause of it
  • Learn coping strategies that can be used to deal with stressful scenarios and situations

Frequently Asked Questions

The Driven resilience workshop is designed to support individuals, teams and managers in their resilience development. In the workshop, our resilience coaches will provide strategies, tactics, materials and tools to teach how to effectively manage stress.

We currently offer virtual workshops through our Resilience First Aid program. Partipcants in our program can book the most suitable time to attend the workshop.