Access a world-leading peer-reviewed resilience program, spanning assessments, coaching resources and a neuroscience-based digital app.


From small practices, to working on massive scale. This is the start of truly integrated and holistic resilience coaching.

Add advanced resilience tools to your practice

CReC is a 2-day self-paced certification course to become a Certified Resilience Coach, giving you the assessment, workshop resources, and admin access to work with clients.


At Driven we’ve invested into developing a peer-reviewed resilience model called the PR6, and then integrated that into the Driven Resilience App & coach training program.


The combination means that you as a practitioner can save time and get all the resources you need to coach resilience and help your clients in a multi-modal approach – from assessments, to the app, to high quality workshop materials.


The world needs resilience right now. Join us as a Certified Resilience Coach, and help us respond to this need.

Included in the CReC certification

PR6 Assessment Access

  • Be certified to use the scientifically validated PR6 Resilience Assessment
  • Instant PDF report on assessment completion
  • Peer-reviewed assessment that integrates with the Driven Resilience App
  • 1 point per client assessment (purchase points as needed and bill back to your client)

Driven Resilience App Access

Driven Resilience App
  • Get free access for you with your Driven Pro access
  • Driven is a virtual coach with AI-powered free-chat capability
  • Includes hundreds of interactive resilience-building activities using daily microtasks, along with specialised resilience courses
  • Use to supplement individual coaching, or automate coaching for large groups
  • 4 points for 12 months app access per client

Coaching Resources

Coach Resources
  • Complete PowerPoint workshop presentation packs with speaker notes
  • Animation videos on the 6 domains of resilience
  • Resilience domain digital posters
  • Hundreds of resilience-building activities
  • Technical manual and research papers on the PR6 and Driven program
  • Licence to use while you have an active Driven Pro account
  • Included is access the latest PR6 Toolkit, over 500 slides with complete coaching presentation packs to present to clients and coach resilience
PR6 Toolkit Intro Pack

Driven Pro Admin Access

Admin Dashboard
  • Add participants to invite digitally to complete assessments and provide access to the Driven Resilience App
  • Group participants and create group reports
  • Improve coaching through insights into participant and group-level behaviour
  • Option to lock participant results for your review & release
  • Invite participants through email, or generate signup links to easily sign up large groups
  • 1 year free Driven Pro access included with your certification – choose your renewal level based on need
  • Available add-on – Co-branding capability (your logo on the app, reports, and system emails)

Course Content

  • Discover the neuroscience of resilience and lasting change facilitation
  • Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration, and Health. Each domain is explained in detail along with the content of the online training materials
  • Learn how to use the PR6 assessment in a client setting
  • Understand how to use Driven as a virtual coaching program
  • Learn about different implementation approaches





About the 2-Day CReC Certification

Course fee: US$1,150 (AU$1,495)

14 day money back guarantee!


Hello, I’m Jurie Rossouw….

I’ve been focusing on the psychology and neuroscience of resilience for over 20 years. I’ve published multiple research papers on the neuroscience of resilience, appeared on TV, written books, and published many articles for various magazines and publications, all focused on how we can best build resilience in people.


My aim is to help you as a coach and trainer be fully prepared with tools, resources and training to be able to make meaningful change in the people you work with.


Through Driven, I also want to empower you to be able to reach more people through enhancing your practice with automation and AI – bringing coaching into the future.

My training delivery style is to deliver the most relevant and actionable information to you in an easy-going style through plain language.

As an example, here I am discussing our neuroscience research on building resilience through microtasks

What our clients say


Online certification is only available to psychologists, therapists, counsellors and coaches (defined as Practitioners). Proof of qualification may be requested.

Yes! 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of registration. Just email us at Though we’re confident you’ll enjoy it as we get great feedback from our practitioners!

Yes! Towards the end of the certification, you will learn about options to upgrade your account to enable white labelling. This will enable you to put your logo on reports created, logos on the emails sent by the system, and your logo at the top of the app. Note that some references to Driven remain. Book a time with one of our Coach Ambassadors if you’d like to talk more about this option.

The PR6 and Driven has been used with many age groups across various professions and occupational statuses. We’ve had great success with using the PR6 and Driven program with students from 14 years old and upwards.
You can choose the context of the training which automatically updates the course language to suit various contexts. This makes it broadly applicable, from students, to job seekers, to professionals, to athletes, and more.
Yes! Driven Pro is our online admin area where you (as a certified coach) can assess the resilience of clients through the PR6 and provide the Driven Resilience Program to clients. It works through a points based system where you can purchase points as needed to use the online services with clients. The points system will be explained within the certification course. Here you also get access to all the resources provided through the training. You’ll get 1 year free access to Driven Pro to try the service out with. You may cancel your admin account at any time prior to the free year expiring.

The course material is equivalent to two full days. Some of our practitioners complete the course on a weekend, while others do a bit each day until complete. It’s up to you how fast you want to complete, since it’s all self paced. Don’t worry about forgetting though, Driven will remind you to keep going!

As a practitioner, you can gain access to assign the PR6 assessment and Driven resilience training services. Through the certification you will learn more about how this works and how you can use the online admin area to assign the assessment and training to your clients. If you’d like to talk more about this, you can book a time with one of our Coach Ambassadors

You’re welcome to read through the research papers documenting the construction of the PR6. Have a look here and you’ll find all the relevant information.

White Papers

Want to know more? Read some of our white papers – we love sharing ideas!

Create a resilient culture

Our research-based framework provides practical insights into human resilience and wellbeing. Learn more about how we built Driven and the resilience models. See our research

Create a resilient culture

Encourage team cohesion and lead by example. Build awareness, urgency for corporate resilience training and make a commitment to mental health. Read our guide

Assess resilience

With our diagnostic assessment, managers get an overview of their staff's wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness. Individuals gain detailed insights into their personal health. See the PR6

Implement program & track results

With Driven, your staff will master basics of resilience techniques for rapid bounce back for when things go wrong. We enable you to track results & develop teams to recognise progress See our case study