Jurie G. Rossouw




Jurie is the Director of Driven and is a Member of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy.

His focus is on building resilience at an individual, organisational, and global level. Throughout this quest, Jurie has worked for some of the largest organisations in Australia

and globally in the field of resilience for more than 10 years. He has consulted with large banks, airlines, education institutions, mining, and more. Projects ranged from building resilience at cultural levels, through to enhancing business resilience at a process and resource level.

From this, he published two books in the Think Lean series, followed more recently by his new book, Executive Resilience, which delves into the neuroscience of cultural resilience, and how resilience will become more important as a skill to thrive in a digital environment.

Jurie has published three peer-reviewed research papers on The Predictive 6-Factor Resilience Scale, highlighting a new path to holistic resilience measurement. This work establishes six domains of resilience, providing a holistic and neuroscience-based view of resilience. Following the research publication, Jurie created The Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale – Clinical Guidelines and Applications. Jurie expanded the domains into a comprehensive resilience development curriculum in the Driven virtual coaching platform, further using insights into neuroplasticity to find more effective methods of learning integration and resilience enhancement.

Taking an approach of applied science, Jurie integrates an understanding of psychology, neuroscience, technology, risk and strategic management to build more effective ways to enhance resilience at all levels. As the director of Driven, Jurie has designed a virtual coaching platform to achieve resilience measurement and provide neuroscience-based training. This platform is used by psychologists, coaches, schools, and other organisations worldwide as a comprehensive resilience enhancement solution.

Books published: