Be proactive about mental health.

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2-Day Resilience First Aid mental health certification to learn critical skills to proactively support the mental health of other people.

Resilience First Aid is about being proactive – a preventative approach to mental health. Learn how to build mental fitness through a practical strength-based approach.

Join us in creating a movement to be proactive about mental health.

Resilience First Aid is about Prevention


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Resilience First Aid Course

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Resilience First Aid - Fully Online Certification

Start any time. 14 hours fully online self-paced learning to earn your Resilience First Aid Certification.


Join two interactive sessions to get Resilience First Aid certified. The 2-hour Primer live webinar sets you up to learn the key concepts through the 10 hour online training, followed by a 2-hour Closing webinar exactly two weeks later. This is a great way to discuss and share ideas to be proactive!

8 February 2022 - 9-11am Sydney Time

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25 March 2022 - 8-10am Sydney Time

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13 May 2022 - 8-10am Sydney Time

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WHY Resilience FIrst Aid?

90% of people can benefit from increasing resilience skills which protect against mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Throughout the pandemic, this need has only increased.

This is how we can take a preventative approach to mental health – rather than waiting until people need professional treatment, we can start supporting each other to connect and build mental wellness proactively.

Resilience First Aid (RFA) as a mental health certification teaches you strength-based skills to build resilience in others. You will learn how to spot signs of low resilience, learn language to talk proactively, and skills that build resilience.

This is how you can become a responder that proactively supports the mental health of others.

What will you learn?

Learn how to proactively build mental wellness in people you care about

Learn how to support others through six resilience domains

Learn language to talk proactively about mental health

Learn how to respond when someone is struggling

Learn a strength-based model to become a source of hope

Learn how to connect meaningfully to support those around you

Resilience First Aid


Resilience First Aid (RFA) is a 2-day mental health certification course.

who is resilience first aid for?

What's Included

RFA is a high-impact course that teaches you practical skills alongside the latest neuroscience of preventative mental health. As part of completing the RFA Responder course, you will receive:

Course fee: AU$575 (US$425)

Free shipping worldwide, all countries welcome.

Course Outcome

On completion of the course, you will:

Don’t wait until the people around you are struggling.

Take on the challenge now to build mental health proactively. This is how we can make a long term impact.

- Jurie Rossouw

A great way to get started:

Get the Resilience First Aid Kit

A great set of quality physical resources that make resilience tangible and fun to learn.


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Ready to make a difference?

2-Day Resilience First Aid Certification Course

Get certified in the skills to proactively support resilience in others.


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Looking to scale proactive mental health?

Become a Resilience First Aid Instructor

Become a force for positive change through learning how to provide the certification course.



Mental health is being impacted more than ever throughout the pandemic. Treatment is not enough to change the tide. We need to be more proactive, taking a preventative approach.