Gain qualification and resources to provide Resilience First Aid Certification training to participants.

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The Resilience First Aid Instructor Certification sets you up to certify individuals in Resilience First Aid

Become a Resilience First Aid Instructor

Become a force for positive change through learning how to provide the certification course.

RFA Instructor Pathway

2024 Intake – Now Open

Download and read the RFA Instructor Information Sheet with more details on expectations and the process of becoming an Instructor. Before applying, ensure that you first complete the standard 2-day RFA certification course.

WHY become a resilience First Aid Instructor?

Resilience First Aid consistently gets great feedback from participants, inspiring people to take on an important role in the community to build resilience proactively.

Many return with stories about how applicable and useful the program is for everyday life and how the responder protocol changed how they talk to people. Then there are many who already use the physical materials from the RFA Kit every day, coming back with stories of conversations these inspired.

There is a huge need for Resilience First Aid as a comprehensive program focusing on being proactive about mental health through a positive and uplifting framework that builds meaningful human connections.

The Resilience First Aid Instructor program sets you up to certify participants in Resilience First Aid.

Get presentation packs, marketing materials, operational guides, and community access to deliver live-changing experiences.


Presenter Guides - Blended & Live

You’ll get comprehensive slide-by-slide instructors with presenter notes, session plans, activity guides, and sources for key content through the course. This sets you up with all the knowledge needed to host a Resilience First Aid workshop, alongside the Operational Manual discussed during the Instructor training itself.

Editable brochures

You also get access to a brochure that you can edit to send through to your clients, helping you to market and advertise the program to your audience.

Full size banners

Create more visibility for in-person events, or even as a backdrop for virtual meetings and webinar workshop delivery. These full size banners are a great addition that build a professional image. These will be available to purchase separately on the new coach-only store (physical product).

Social media images

Get over 50 social media images to continually raise awareness of proactive mental health and your ability to provide training in Resilience First Aid. Designed to be colorful and engaging, including fantastic quotes that always get interest!

Product photos

A big differentiator of Resilience First Aid is the physical materials included in the course. Get high quality product photos that you can use to advertise what your participants will get!

Email banners & emblems

Advertise your unique instructor certification with a new set of email emblems & banners.

RFA Information Pack - Proposals for clients

You’ll get a presentation pack to pitch RFA to clients or internal stakeholders, helping to display course value and benefits. Provided as an editable PowerPoint document.

Website text & images

You’ll be provided with a growing set of approved text and images that you can use as an instructor on your website and marketing materials to help you promote your ability to provide this exciting new course. We’ll be adding to this over time to give you more and more materials to spread awareness and grow your personal brand.

The program

2 Day Standard Certification

The pathway to becoming a Resilience First Aid Instructor starts by completing the standard 2-Day Resilience First Aid certification ($575).

5 Day Instructor Training

Once certified in RFA, you can then progress on to the full 5-day Instructor program.

When you have completed the RFA Instructor course, you then will have the access and tools to be able to host the Resilience First Aid certification yourself and certify participants. The RFA Instructor course takes 5 days to achieve full completion

Along with this you’ll get detailed instructions and resources to deliver the certification workshops, both in a live and blended delivery format.

*Note – If you can’t make the dates above, private blended training is available at any time.

Instructor Training Fees:

participant Packages

In addition to this, you get access to purchase packages for each participant you certify. Each Participant Package includes:

The Participant Packages include a lot of value together so that each participant walks away with a kit full of materials and the app so they can keep learning for a full year afterwards. This means
people really get a lot out of it, positioning this as a high quality and impactful course.

Course Outcome

On completion of the course, you will:

Resilience First Aid

Don’t wait until the people around you are struggling.

Take on the challenge now to build mental health proactively. This is how we can make a long term impact.

- Jurie Rossouw


Mental health is being impacted more than ever throughout the pandemic. Treatment is not enough to change the tide. We need to be more proactive, taking a preventative approach.