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Your Resilience First Aid certification remains active for three years to the date you completed your two-day Resilience First Aid course. In order to remain certified in Resilience First Aid, you are required to complete a refresher course prior to your certification expiry date. If your Resilience First Aid Certification expires, and you have not completed a Resilience First Aid Refresher course, you will be required to re-take the full two-day Resilience First Aid Certification course.

Yes! Resilience First Aid is fully accredited under the Australian Government’s Suicide Prevention framework. You can read more about the full formal accreditation is by Suicide Prevention Australia here – https://home.hellodriven.com/articles/resilience-first-aid-achieves-full-accreditation/


Resilience First Aid is accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), providing approval for earning 10 Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) credits. See the listing here – https://www.theaca.net.au/opd-event.php?id=ywayvnw6


The Driven Resilience Program which Resilience First Aid is based on is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). This includes the Driven Resilience App provided in the training itself, alongside the peer-reviewed PR6 resilience model providing the scientific foundation of the six resilience domains model. More about this formal accreditation can be read here – https://home.hellodriven.com/articles/capce-accredits-driven-resilience-training/

Yes, the course can be used for 14 hours of credits as allowed by your accrediting authority. A certificate of completion will be provided indicating the training hours earned. The course is approved by the ACA (Australian Counselling Association) for 14 hours of ongoing professional development (OPD) hours. Most associations require a certain standard of online training (science-backed, high quality training with assessments to confirm learning), which Resilience First Aid complies with. This means it can also be used for continuing education with associations such as the APA and others.

Yes. Participants who complete all components of the two-day Resilience First Aid certification alongside the final online assessment will receive a certificate.

Your electronic Resilience First Aid certificate will be emailed to you once you have successfully completed the final assessment. This should happen within three working days of the assessment completion. 

You will receive hard copy Resilience First Aid Responder Manual containing the course content, and you will have 12 months access to the Driven Resilience App where you can access more Resilience First Aid resources, and additional training content beyond what is included in this course.

Note that the manual is free to use online however it is not available to copy, share or download and we do not have the option to send a PDF version.

Completing the Resilience First Aid training with the fully online version means that you’ll be doing all your training through self-paced video training. This training is available through our website on hellodriven.com, or you can use the Driven Resilience App (iOS and Android) to complete the training.

Note that you will need headphones and a good internet connection to complete this training. You will have three months to complete the online training. You will need to complete the full online training to be certified as a Resilience First Aid Responder.

You have three months (90 days) to complete the fully online version of the course. If you have not complete the course by this time, you will need to register again to complete the certification.

The blended course includes two live Zoom-delivered workshops alongside self-paced online training. As a participant, you must have a webcam and agree to have your webcam on at all times through the live sessions.


The blended course starts with a 20 minute pre-work module that must be completed prior to attending the first live session. This module will help to orient you on the overall course content and structure. For the online training, you can download the Driven Resilience App (iOS and Android) and use the app itself to complete all online components. Note that these mainly consist of videos, so be sure to have a good internet connection and headphones to listen on. You can also access the training through the online portal, which you can log into at hellodriven.com


The first live session will be a Zoom session with everyone’s webcams enabled and is structured as a presenter taking you through the course content. Through the training there will be interaction and chances to ask questions. You will need to fully complete the live session to progress to the next phase.


Once you have completed the first live session, you will then progress to the online phase where you can complete the next 10 hours of content online. You will have 14 days to complete this, which we recommend to do one hour of training per day. You will need to complete all 10 hours of training to be able to progress to the closing live webinar.


The closing webinar will be held two weeks later at the same time as the first webinar. Once again you will need to have your webcam enabled for the full duration, and also complete the session in full to be able to go onto the certification assessment to be able to get certified as a Resilience First Aid Responder. This final assessment can be done any time online following the final live session.

Yes, the program is designed for participants to complete the 10 hours self-paced online within a two week period. This allows for approximately one hour per day over the two weeks for participants to work through the content. This ensures that the learning is well spaced and there is opportunity for reflective practice.

If you do not fully complete any component of the blended training by the set timeframes, then you will be converted to complete the training in a fully online format. Once converted, you can complete the training any time at your own pace over three months.

No, the training is for one person only. Any other participants will need to register separately to join the training.

These may only be used at the time of registration. No retrospective discounts may be used following registration.

Your course materials will be posted soon after you register, usually within 3 business days.

When working with you, we will require your name, email address, and if needed physical address as well to post materials to you. Note that these details maybe requested to confirm your identify should we talk to you over the phone to safeguard your personal information.

If we cancel a workshop for any reason, a full refund will be provided for the course.

You will also have the option to convert to the online course, or register for a future course.

Beyond a cancellation from our side, there are no refunds available for certification course registrations.


You may transfer your course attendance to another participant if you contact us at support@hellodriven.com within seven working days prior to the first workshop date, provided that you have not started with the online training material and that you also post the physical materials to the new participant. A transfer fee of AU$50 must be paid in full for the transfer to be completed.


You can reschedule your course booking at the latest seven working days prior to the first workshop, which incurs an AU$50 rescheduling fee. Beyond that, you have the option to convert instead to access the fully online version of the course. Converting from Fully Online to a Blended course also incurs the rescheduling fee, and requires the approval of Driven (approval depends on availability).


For fully online participants, the course can be transferred to another participant provided the online training has not been initiated, and the physical kit is also posted to the new participant. A transfer fee of AU$50 must be paid in full for the transfer to be completed.

We value all feedback. Please contact us with your comments at support@hellodriven.com. We aim to reply to your query within 2 business days. your feedback will be confidential and valued with no impact to your service. If you require an interpreter, you can locate one here: https://ausit.org/find-a-translator/

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