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Why Driven Resilience

Your people deserve the best. Driven’s world-leading integrated approach is proven to deliver meaningful resilience improvement that can be tracked from Day 1.

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Why Driven Resilience

Your people deserve the best. Driven’s world-leading integrated approach is proven to deliver meaningful resilience improvement that can be tracked from Day 1.


Driven’s leading training programs build resilience through innovative proactive courses. Find the right one for you now.

Validated Assessments

Access peer-reviewed assessments to drive insights and action for maximum impact. The PR6 is world-leading as a predictive holistic resilience assessment.

Research & Science

Driven’s research constantly expands the frontiers of resilience, personal coaching, and meaningful insights. Join us on the front lines as we advance.


AI and chat blended into a Narrative-Driven Interface to build resilience through daily microtasks. Driven’s app is a powerful tool for your practice to enhance client outcomes and expand insight.

Coaching Tools & Resources

Workshop presentation packs, videos, posters… Make your life easier with our unique training materials and resources to coach your clients.

Resilience culture

Embed resilience in all levels of culture with Driven’s truly comprehensive and engaging approach. At Driven, we are experts at driving lasting change.


Driven’s unique assessments and resilience training is effective in various contexts. We can assist with large deployments and custom experiences to suit specific audiences.

Emergency Services & Defense

Access our unique High Adversity Resilience Training (HART) to bring together leaders, management, staff, and family members to create a true culture of resilience.

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Large Corporate Deployment

Our scalable program can help to achieve meaningful change and deep workforce insight through a cost-effective approach.

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Small Teams

From quick assessments, one-off workshops, Driven app access, and more, we can help you get a program running fast.

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Teachers & Students

Our program brings together teachers, students and families to build comprehensive resilience.

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Life & Health Insurance Members

For insurers looking to provide a meaningful benefit to your members, Driven’s unique blend of assessments and preventative health interventions can make a measurable difference.

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Broad Population Wellness

Our interest is in reaching hundreds of millions of people. For governments and NGOs looking to impact population metrics, we can help.

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Athletes & Sports Teams

Looking to give your players an edge? Our experience with top teams and training coaches can help you surpass the next 1%.

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Partners & Resellers

We regularly partner with regional and industry specialists to deliver combined experiences.

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Become a certified resilience coach



Gain access to a unique suite of integrated tools to build resilience and expand your practice

  • 1-day certification course
  • Discover the neuroscience of resilience
  • Use the PR6 Resilience Assessment
  • Apply the Driven Resilience Program & App
  • Pathway to specialise in High Adversity Resilience

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Clinical Client Case – PR6 Neural Resilience Intervention

Please note that client confidentiality has been protected via an alias name and that client permission has been granted for this case. “In 2018, Diva attended my clinic for psychological intervention and therapy for her symptoms pertaining to OCD. She was 28 years old, a scientist by trade, and worked full time in a lab.

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Three Hidden Needs That Determine Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance” causes a lot of discussion and debate. Working professionals can spend their lives chasing the perfect balance. However, the idea of work-life balance is a myth – research does not support this as a sustainable concept on which to base your life around. Work is a part of life in a deep and

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