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Driven builds resilient people

Driven is an AI-powered virtual coach helping people
around the world build resilience and improve wellness.
Practitioners - Get certified to access a comprehensive
suite of tools and resources to build resilience with your clients.
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driven is a virtual resilience coach


Easy, Familiar Interaction

Driven talks to you through a simple message interface. Just keep talking.


Helps You in the Moment

Feeling stressed? Need to calm down? Driven guides you to useful techniques when you need it.


Your Resilience Guru

Experience a holistic mind/body resilience curriculum with over 200 daily chats and resources.

For Enterprise

  • Help employees improve quality of life
  • Visual, beautiful and engaging - achieve high participation & engagement
  • Simple, scalable, with measurable results
  • Comprehensive wellness platform for business
  • Instant value - get insight into workforce wellness while protecting individual confidentiality

Get Certified

  • Psychologists, counsellors & coaches - become a Certified Resilience Coach today
  • Use automation to expand your practice
  • Access an online platform for instant PR6 resilience assessment
  • Build resilience through a comprehensive set of coaching resources

Driven - leading resilience

Driven is trusted around the world for resilience assessment and training

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