Certified Resilient Workplace Partner

Become a trusted partner in building resilient workplaces with the Certified Resilient Workplace (CReW) Partner Training Program.

CReW Partner Training

The Certified Resilient Workplace (CReW) Partner Training Program is a comprehensive 1 day online course designed to equip Certified Resilience Coaches with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become trusted partners for workplaces seeking to build a culture of resilience.

Through this program, coaches will learn how to guide workplaces in achieving recognition through the Certified Resilient Workplace program, fostering long-term relationships that promote mental well-being and prevent mental illness.

Completing the CReW Partner training is a great way to elevate your practice and personal brand, showing commitment to championing prevention in mental health. This program provides access to a suite of resources and tools, along with guidance on how to effectively embed resilience into the culture of a workplace over through progressive improvement.

CReW Partner Training Outcomes

Upon completion of the CReW Partner Training Program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the CReW program requirements and guide workplaces through the recognition process, along with unique access to time-saving reporting and analytics tools

  • Apply effective strategies to build buy-in and engage stakeholders at all levels of the workplace, along with establishing internal communities

  • Tailor resilience training programs to meet the unique needs of different workplaces and industries

  • Implement proven marketing techniques to attract and retain workplace clients, with guidance for both internal and external perspectives

  • Utilise a suite of resources, including research, tools, and marketing materials, to enhance their coaching practice

  • Establish your own services to continually enhance a resilience and primary prevention in workplaces

Included in CReW Partner Training

The CReW Partner Training Program offers a wealth of resources and support, including:

Comprehensive Online Training

6.5 hours of in-depth, self-paced online learning. Engaging video content, interactive exercises, and real-world case studies. Quizzes and assessments to reinforce learning and track progress.

Certified Resilient Workplace Recognition Training

Learn how to understand and apply the criteria for a workplace to become recognised through CReW. Get access to admin tools to simplify evidence gathering and long-term monitoring of compliance, plus easily maintain training.

Latest Research and Insights

Access to cutting-edge research on resilience and mental health prevention in the workplace. Insights from industry experts and thought leaders in the field. Practical application of research findings to enhance coaching practices.

Customisable Marketing Materials

Professionally designed, editable brochures to promote CReW Partner services. Flexible email templates for outreach and engagement with potential clients. Customisable social media content and graphics to build brand awareness.

Coaching Techniques and Partnership Strategies

Best practices for effective coaching in the workplace setting. Strategies for building long-term, consultative partnerships with clients. Techniques for tailoring resilience programs to meet specific workplace needs.

CReW Program Implementation Guidance

Detailed walkthrough of the CReW program requirements and recognition process. Strategies for helping workplaces achieve and maintain CReW status. Tips for aligning resilience initiatives with workplace goals and culture.

Developing Resilience Communities

Get resources and training to help develop internal resilience champion communities in workplaces, along with how to support these in the long-term through your unique access to data and materials valuable for resilience culture development.

Course Summary

Duration: 6.5 Hours



  • Become strategic partners for workplaces
  • Help workplaces attain and maintain Certified Resilient Workplace recognition
  • Create lasting impact on mental health prevention
  • Expand you coaching practice and brand by offering valuable resilience-building services


Fees: FREE

Download: CReW Brochure

Who is CReW Partner Training For?

The CReW Partner Training Program is designed for:

Certified Resilience Coaches looking to expand their practice and impact through a proactive recognition program

Coaches passionate about promoting mental health prevention and resilience in the workplace

Professionals seeking to become trusted partners for workplaces in building a culture of resilience

Individuals committed to creating lasting change in the way workplaces approach mental well-being

Course Fees


Fully online training, start immediately.

Prerequisites – CReC Certified.
Contact us for questions.

CReW Partner Training Format

Fully Online

  • 6.5 Hours self-paced training through a series of videos and interactive components
  • Presented by resilience expert Jurie Rossouw
  • All materials and digital resources provided through the training and available on completion
  • Online training is available to complete as long as you maintain a Driven Pro license
  • Be sure to have completed the CReC course, and note you must be logged in to register for this training.

Related Training

Ensure to complete the prerequisite CReC training to be eligible to take the CReW Partner training.

Take the first step in becoming a Certified Resilient Workplace Partner and empower workplaces to prioritise mental health prevention. 

Enroll in the CReW Partner Training Program today and join a community dedicated to building resilient workplaces.

Crisis Support

For life-threatening emergencies, call 000 in Australia

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 in the United States

For assistance with mental health and suicide, contact the Suicide Call Back Service in Australia – 1300 659 467

For international assistance on suicide, you can find a crisis call center here –

Additional services in Australia:

  • QLife – 1800 184  527
  • Mens Line – 1300 789 978
  • Kids Help Line – 1800 551 800
  • 1800Respect – 1800 737 732
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14