National Resilience Index – US & Australia 2023 Report

Driven’s new National Resilience Index Report for 2023 is officially released.

This year we explore both the US and Australia’s resilience levels in the first 2-nation report. We find a mutual starting point between the two nations, quickly going into opposite directions following global conflicts and cost of living pressures.

The theme of this report is Building Global Resilience, exploring the relationships between different strengths and opportunities for each nation.

  1. Australia’s main strength is Tenacity – creating a national sense of persistence and optimism about the future (page 18)
  2. America’s main strength is Vision – a strong sense of purpose and meaning to guide decisions through life (page 17)
  3. Australia’s main opportunity is Composure, with our national emotional regulation seeming to struggle most over the last two years (page 18)
  4. America’s main opportunity is Collaboration, with many people feeling that they lack a strong support network amid growing disconnection (page 17)
  5. Of the different industries and occupations measured, students and job seekers continue to struggle the most, while those in defence and emergency services have made strides to be the best (page 21)

The resilience imperative continues as we still see that less than 1 in 10 people are at a protected level of resilience. We continue with our goal of Resilience25by25 – a call to businesses and government to work together to improve national resilience by 25% by 2025.

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