Get licenced to host the 2-hour Resilience First Aid Starter Training course

RFAST Presenter Training

Become a licenced trainer to be able to host Resilience First Aid Starter Training workshops.

Train participants in the evolving world of mental health prevention and help them learn how to create a supportive environment through psychosocial hazard awareness.

RFAST PT Training Outcomes

By completing RFAST Presenter Training, you will:

  • Gain a licence to host Resilience First Aid Starter Training workshops
  • Be able to present in both live and fully online formats
  • List your workshops publicly on hellodriven.com
  • Understand how to be able to utilise the presenter resources for your audiences

RFAST is a powerful addition to your coaching capabilities through hosting an effective 2-hour workshop, useful to generate awareness in larger audiences of the concept of resilience in both an individual and community settings.


Before you can register for RFAST Presenter Training, ensure you have completed the following courses:

To register for this course, ensure you are logged into your Driven Pro account.

Included in RFAST Presenter Training

Get access to all the training and materials you need to host RFAST workshops, including:

  • 3 Hours of Training – The full training course is presented as videos working through the details of hosting RFAST workshops. Complete in your own time
  • RFAST Workshop Resources – This training includes all resources to host workshops, including a PowerPoint presenter pack, Presenter Guide, Participant Workbooks, and an Operational Manual
  • Marketing Material – Gain access to an editable brochure (PowerPoint) to advertise the training, along with additional marketing materials
  • Admin Functionality – Add RFAST workshops into your Programs area to be able to host both Live and Fully Online RFAST workshops
  • Completion Certificate – Useful as evidence of ongoing professional development marking 2 hours of attended training

Course Summary

Duration: 3 Hours



  • Gain a licence to host Resilience First Aid Starter Training workshops
  • Be able to present in both live and fully online formats
  • Understand how to be able to utilise the presenter resources for your audiences


Fees: AU $495 pp

RFAST PT Curriculum Overview

The RFAST Presenter Training curriculum includes:

  • Details about the 2-hour RFAST course and how it compares to the full 2-day RFA course
  • A review of key concepts to understand as an RFAST presenter
  • Operational and technical training required to host RFAST workshops through the Driven Pro Admin area (1 point per RFAST Live participant, 1.5 points per Fully Online participant)
  • Walkthroughs of the Presenter Guide with information on running the RFAST workshop

This workshop will need you to be familiar with the PR6 resilience model, as well as how the RFAST workshop is presented, so ensure that you complete the prerequisites to be able to join this training.

Is RFAST PT For You?

The RFAST Presenter Training is useful for any coach or trainer looking to bring a unique and scientifically proven approach to build resilience in teams and communities. The RFAST course is short and valuable to bring in for larger audiences and time-poor leaders interested in cutting-edge training.

Course Fees



Fully online training, start immediately.

Contact us for questions.

RFAST Presenter Training Format

The RFAST Presenter Training course is only available in fully online format (self paced):

  • 3 Hours self-paced training through a series of videos and interactive components
  • Presented by resilience expert Jurie Rossouw
  • Start any time and get instant access to the course

Related Training

Other courses related to RFAST Presenter Training:

Prevention in mental health is growing in all sectors. Many organisations have a need for a course that is short and effective in creating awareness as well as build foundational resilience skills to build on.

Becoming an RFAST trainer provides you with a valuable course that you can use to help meet these needs in organisations. RFAST is useful to help create broad awareness, as well as inspire individuals to graduate to the full RFA 2-day certification.

Watch – 2 Min RFAST Introduction

Meet program founder, resilience expert, author, and researcher, Jurie Rossouw.


Is this an accredited course?

RFAST is an introductory course. If you are looking for accredited training, you can complete the 2-day Resilience First Aid which is fully accredited under the Australian Government’s Suicide Prevention framework. You can read more about the full formal accreditation is by Suicide Prevention Australia here – https://home.hellodriven.com/articles/resilience-first-aid-achieves-full-accreditation/

Resilience First Aid is accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), providing approval for earning 10 Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) credits. See the listing here – https://www.theaca.net.au/opd-event.php?id=ywayvnw6

The Driven Resilience Program which Resilience First Aid is based on is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). This includes the Driven Resilience App provided in the training itself, alongside the peer-reviewed PR6 resilience model providing the scientific foundation of the six resilience domains model. More about this formal accreditation can be read here – https://home.hellodriven.com/articles/capce-accredits-driven-resilience-training/

What happens on completion of the course?

On completion of the course, you will get Admin access to create RFAST workshops in the Programs area. You will also receive a new Resources section that includes the documents and resources needed to host RFAST workshops. You will also receive a certificate of completion, marking 3 hours of completed training. You can then use this certificate for continuing education requirements.

Can I get a quote so I can have my employer pay for the training?

Absolutely! Email us at support@hellodriven.com, send through the details of your employer and we can put a quote together.

How can I sign up a group for my organisation?

Great! Email us at support@hellodriven.com and we can help to get all the details together for group access.

Don’t wait until people are struggling.

Join the movement now to build mental health proactively.

Crisis Support

For life-threatening emergencies, call 000 in Australia

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 in the United States

For assistance with mental health and suicide, contact the Suicide Call Back Service in Australia – 1300 659 467

For international assistance on suicide, you can find a crisis call center here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines

Additional services in Australia:

  • QLife – 1800 184  527
  • Mens Line – 1300 789 978
  • Kids Help Line – 1800 551 800
  • 1800Respect – 1800 737 732
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14

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