Certified Resilience First Aid Instructor

Angela Harrison

Industry Focus:

Military and families, Small business, Organisational

  • Located in Newcastle, NSW
  • Available for travel nationally and can deliver remote workshops

Instructor Bio

Angela is the Founder of Mindspace Training, providing psychoeducation courses, resilience coaching and therapy dog services to individuals and organisations. The vision of Mindspace Training is to showcase that through proper education and guided practice, individuals can acquire a level of resilience which helps to protect them against mental illness.


Angela previously served in the Royal Australian Air Force, where she was medically discharged after years of chronic pain and mental health challenges. After seeing the stigma and hurdles that are yet to be overcome in both the military and broader society, this is where Angela found her corner of the world – working within the preventative and early-intervention areas of mental health to help others who are going through what she has already lived.


“I strongly believe if I had proper resilience education and training beyond the catchphrase, I would still have my military career today. There is no question about whether we will face challenges in life, what varies is how we handle it, and continue to handle it. Resilience education is the future of mental health prevention”


– Angela Harrison


Angela currently works with ADF, Veterans and their families. As a woman in business, her passion is also working with women in small business to develop their personal and team resilience. All of this, along with her multiple qualifications in psychology and peer work, and time as a Lifeline crisis supporter, have helped to shape Angela’s passion in mental fitness and suicide prevention.


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What will you learn?

Learn how to proactively build mental wellness in people you care about

Learn how to support others through six resilience domains

Learn language to talk proactively about mental health

Learn how to respond when someone is struggling

Learn a strength-based model to become a source of hope

Learn how to connect meaningfully to support those around you

Resilience First Aid

Course Outcome

On completion of the course, you will:

Don’t wait until the people around you are struggling.

Take on the challenge now to build mental health proactively. This is how we can make a long term impact.

- Jurie Rossouw