PR6 Toolkit

PR6 Toolkit

Workshop packs to enhance your resilience training

A set of seven beautifully designed presentation packs exclusively available to Certified Resilience Coaches (CReC).


The PR6 Toolkit aligns with the Driven Resilience App activities, giving you a seamless approach to build resilience through workshops and the app.

A beautifully designed and engaging workshop toolkit for the PR6

The PR6 Toolkit is designed to elevate your resilience workshops.

Each of the seven presentation packs have a unique theme and design, helping to keep participants interested through engaging activities to build resilience skills. The toolkit is available only to CReC Coaches.
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PR6 Domains


Through the PR6 Toolkit, you’ll gain content to provide training in each of these resilience skills through engaging workshop activities.

PR6 Domains


  • Basic Human Needs
  • Purpose & Meaning
  • Alignment & Priorities
  • Motivating Goals


  • Emotional Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Calm & In Control
  • Mindfulness


  • Planning & Prevention
  • Adaptation
  • Introspection
  • Resourcefulness


  • Good Relationships
  • Social Confidence
  • Support Networks
  • Trust & Teamwork


  • Persistence
  • Motivation
  • Realistic Optimism
  • Bounce Back


  • Quality Sleep
  • Regular Exercise
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Positive Health Views


Vision is about developing a sense of meaning and clear goals. This provides a motivational force over time.

PR6 Vision

1. Understand our Basic Needs as Humans

  • Learn the fundamentals of what is truly motivating to the human brain
  • Be able to evaluate personal goals and purpose and identify what’s missing

2. Set a Resilient Vision

  • Understand the unique characteristics of a Resilient Vision
  • Define a personal Resilient Vision as a motivating long-term life theme

3. Identify Goals and Priorities

  • Introspect on current priorities and goals that you are taking time on
  • Consider these in terms of the Resilient Vision and develop priorities

4. Setting Smarter Personal Goals

  • Discuss the SMART goals method and actively apply the technique to the top three goals, informed by the work of the previous sessions


Composure is about emotional awareness and regulation, building skills to effectively manage stress and stay calm and in control.

PR6 Composure

1. Instant De-stress – Calm Breathing

  • Understand the neuroscience of the Calm Breathing technique
  • Practice the technique using different awareness focus areas to build broader internal awareness

2. Mindfulness Techniques

  • Understand various mindfulness techniques
  • Includes Focused Awareness, Open Monitoring, Gratitude, Body Scan, Mindful Listening

3. Gaining Perspective – Label Emotions

  • Develop practical skills in the Label Emotions technique to accurately identify emotions in the moment

4. Reappraisal Difficult Situations

  • Understand the benefits of Reappraisal as an adaptable resilience technique
  • Learn a practical technique to re-interpret emotional appraisals of challenging situations
  • Practice application through various scenarios to embed as a memorable skill


Reasoning is about critical thinking skills, including adaptation, readiness for change, resourcefulness, along with being proactive to plan ahead for challenges.

PR6 Reasoning

1. Visualisation

  • Learn about a technique to proactively consider future challenges and act in advance
  • Practice the Visualisation technique in various settings as a proactive resilience skill

2. Building Resourcefulness

  • Build practical pathways to develop personal resourcefulness to gain confidence in solving personal challenges

3. Explore Beliefs

  • Learn a simple technique to explore personal beliefs to build a solid foundation of personal beliefs
  • Practice the technique using a set of examples

4. How to Embrace Change

  • Discuss personal views of change in life situations
  • Practice a technique to embrace change with current experiences of change


Tenacity is about building an unshakable sense of persistence and motivation, the ability to bounce back from any setback to keep coming back stronger.

PR6 Tenacity

1. Developing Realistic Optimism

  • Understand the nature of optimism and pessimism, and the place of realistic optimism
  • Review beliefs around optimism and shift towards realistic optimism

2. Techniques to Stay Motivated

  • Build various motivation skills, including using goals, dealing with criticism, personal skills, being accountable, and involving others

3. Overcoming Mistakes

  • Develop a practical technique to manage mistakes
  • Use the technique retroactively to reappraise past mistakes

4. Improving Time Management

  • Review a broad set of skills to improve time management to increase confidence in managing challenges
  • Identify techniques to implement and practice to build new skills


Collaboration talks about our deep desire for connection and meaningful relationships. This includes building our own social skills, as well as growing networks and supporting others.

PR6 Collaboration

1. Changing Perceptions about Support

  • Discuss the nature of perceptions and how it affects the internal experience of support
  • Review different sources of support to build a greater sense of being supported

2. Skills to Build Trust & Likeability

  • Review and practice a set of 20 different practical skills to build trust and likeability
  • Identify techniques to incorporate and practice each day

3. Finding and Building Mentor Relationships

  • Understand how to select a personal mentor
  • Practical exercise to put the approach into practice and potentially identify a personal mentor

4. Improving Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

  • Review and practice various skills to build verbal and non-verbal communication skills to enhance personal ability to build and maintain relationships


Resilience is not just mental, it is also physical. Health is about how nutrition, sleep and exercise contributes to a healthy mind, helping to find practical ways to build sustainable healthy habits.

PR6 Health

1. Health Check-in and Determining Goals

  • Take stock of current health goals and views
  • Develop a personal plan for investment into health goals

2. Identify Sleep Issues and Creating a Great Sleep environment

  • Identify issues that may be affecting sleep currently
  • Create an action plan to improve sleep quality

3. Incorporating Exercise and Sticking to it

  • Understand the connection between body and mind & various approaches to exercise
  • Review practical steps to build sustainable personal fitness

4. Easy Nutrition Guidelines to Eat Healthy for Life

  • Review the effects of nutrition on the brain, along simple guidelines for providing a healthy environment for the brain
  • Develop a simple action plan to maintain healthy personal nutrition


A comprehensive package to help you deliver high quality resilience training using the PR6 model and app.

  • 6 hours of presentation pack walkthroughs, hosted by Jurie Rossouw
  • Get instant access to each pack as you complete the walkthroughs
  • Access all the resources in your CReC Admin Resources area

These presentation packs are included in the updated Certified Resilience Coach training.

For existing coaches, the pack can be added on below:

US$350 (AU$450)

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