What Is High Adversity Resilience Coach Certification?

HART is High Adversity Resilience Training.


This is about advanced resilience skills that prepares emergency responders for the unique challenges they’ll face in their work.


Though it’s not just about the individual – it’s about building resilience at a cultural level. We’ve been collaborating with experts in fire & rescue, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and defence to build a unique and much-needed program.


HART includes resilience workshops for leaders, management, staff, peer support training, through to family members, along with an assessment framework and integrated Driven app that reinforces the HART program.


In short, HART is the most comprehensive resilience system available for responders.


We need certified trainers and coaches to help meet the incredible demand we are seeing for this type of comprehensive training.

Enabling Coaches to Build Resilient Cultures


HART takes a broad approach, including change elements across leaders, management, workers, and family members to build a truly supportive culture of resilience.


This certification builds on the CReC course. This will give you all the tools and resources you need to coach resilience in a high adversity setting.

High Adversity Resilience Training

  • Understand the underlying mechanisms that create vulnerability in emergency service workers, and how to overcome these

  • Learn about evidence-based specialist resilience skills that are designed for the unique challenges emergency service workers face

  • Learn how to frame resilience in cultural context, and how to use the modular approach of HART to build a truly comprehensive culture of resilience

HART Coaching Resources

  • The true strength of the HART Certification – access complete group workshop presentation packs for each of the 13 HART skills, totalling two days of workshops

  • Learn unique skills such as Sustainable Compartmeting, High Adversity Humour, Mental Load Management, and Trauma Resilience

  • Additional presentation packs available for leadership conversations, and management-level training

  • Learn how to adapt these to your specific audience, combining to make an authentic connection

  • The HART certification will walk you through all the packs with sample delivery so you are prepared to deliver these yourself as a High Adversity Resilience Coach

  • All materials and video examples will be made available in your Driven Pro Resources section

Driven App HART program

  • Learn about the HART content available in Driven, and how to use that to provide a tailored experience to separate segments within emergency services

  • Utilise unique aspects of the course, such as the digital self-debrief for indicidents, assessment components, and recurring activities

  • Understand the HART content in Driven as an expansion of the PR6 resilience domains

The HART Approach

HART achieves ongoing engagement through a multi-modal approach, spanning:


  • Strategic leadership workshop to implement a culture of resilience

  • Management workshops to lead by example and drive engagement

  • Resilience assessment to inspire personal accountability

  • Internal ambassador training for peer support members

  • Interactive skills workshops (in-person or video) teaching specialized skills

  • A leading resilience-building app employing daily microtask training

  • Training for family members to support resilience at home

Implementation Guidance

  • Access guidance on implementing HART as a modular program, allowing you to tailor the program to the needs of the audience

  • Guidance on business practices and fee structures

  • Marketing assistance, brochures and presentation packs to help bring key stakeholders on board to launch the program

  • Materials will be available in your Driven Pro Resources section

About the HART Certification

  • Prerequisite – CReC Course completion

  • Suitable for psychologists, coaches, therapists, counsellors, mental health professionals and trainers

  • Self-paced learning, delivered through videos and narrative-driven training

  • 15 hours total – Completion certificates provided for Professional Development & Continuing Education Hours

  • Presented by resilience expert Jurie Rossouw

  • On completion, receive a certificate as a High Adversity Resilience Coach

Certification Fee

Start your HART Certification course:



100% money back satisfaction guarrantee – 14 days

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