Mars' story

MARS Europe office is going through a high amount of internal change. Uncertainty about restructures has created unease within the team and many are unsure of what will be happening to their own positions and what the future holds. The team manager is looking for something that can help him and the team navigate this period of uncertainty and help employees thrive despite the adversity they collectively face.


Our client | Mars Inc.


Food processing


32,000 employees

Established in



London, UK

"The results are indeed fantastic, considering the amount of change and stress there is around in the organization right now!"

Manager at Mars

Key Findings



Improvement in Composure



Improvement in Tenacity



Improvement overall


Improve the resilience of a small team going through a period of high internal and corporate change.



  • The manager took the lead to inform the team about the new program that they'll all be working on together to build their collective resilience.
  • With the team informed, an initial measurement was conducted to establish a baseline for the team.
  • Baseline measurement completed, the manager set up a session to discuss the results with the team and commit collectively to work on the key focus areas for the team as identified through the psychometric assessment.
  • Over the next 6 months, the team completed daily resilience activities prioritised through the system to work on the team focus areas. The manager lead by example to continually inspire staff through his own discipline and commitment to help the team.
  • After 6 months, a second assessment was completed to track progress.
  • Following this assessment, the team continued to work on their resilience and keep improving.



  • The initial assessment identified a major challenge in the Composure domains, signifying challenges with managing stress and emotional regulation. Other challenged were in the Tenacity domain (motivation & persistence) and in Reasoning (problem solving & critical thinking under stress). After working through the program over the next 6 months, the team saw strong improvement.
  • Composure skills doubled (from 36% to 72%), while Tenacity and Reasoning skills went up by 23% and 20% respectively.
  • In terms of culture, the team successfully created an open environment where they felt they can discuss challenges and also be more open through a new shared language around their own wellness and resilience.


What they did well

Manager leading through example by showing the team he is actively making time to work with Driven on improving his own resilience. This inspired the rest of the team to follow suit and invest in their resilience as well. High internal communication to share experiences, using the language of Driven to foster open discussion about mental health and wellness.

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