5 Steps

How to Create a Culture of Resilience

1. Train Resilience Champions

Critical for program success – the 2-day Resilience First Aid Certification course teaches leaders, managers, and peers how to champion resilience within the organisation. This is focused on proactively protecting mental health, using positive strength-based language and tools to build a resilient culture with strong support networks, enhancing teamwork and trust.


Recommended for: Leaders, Managers, 10-20% of Staff

2. Assess Your Baseline

Measure individual, team, and organisational resilience using the efficient and accurate PR6 Resilience Diagnostic. Individuals gain personal PR6 Reports, while de-identified trends at the organizational level gives a strategic overview. Reassess every 6 – 12 months to track progress.


Recommended for: All Staff

3. Daily Training to Build Mental Fitness

Provide access to the Driven training platform – a comprehensive AI-powered system that teaches resilience through daily 5 minute activities. Individual training is automatically tailored to personal resilience needs.


Recommended for: All Staff + Family Members (for extra impact)


Specialization available: HART (High Adversity Resilience Training) for Emergency Services, Defence, Healthcare

4. Make Resilience Visible and Tangible

Use physical tools to maintain visibility of the key resilience concepts. Physical resources enhance engagement alongside digital (Driven platform) and relational (Resilience First Aid) tools. This integrated approach is important to help achieve long term engagement and achieve lasting cultural uplift.


Recommended for: Offices, Remote Staff

5. Ongoing Resilience Workshops

Inspire learning through interactive workshops, integrating seamlessly with the digital and physical resources provided. Workshops are great to engage teams and foster closer connections between team members. Connect with a certified coach in your area for virtual of face-to-face learning.


Recommended for: All Staff


Specialization available: HART (High Adversity Resilience Training) for Emergency Services, Defence, Healthcare

The Result

A Culture of Resilience

Embed resilience in all levels of culture with Driven’s truly comprehensive and engaging approach. At Driven, we are experts at driving lasting change.

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