2021 Disaster & Emergency Management Conference

Great Leadership, Planning and Preparation

The size, severity, timing, location and impact of disasters and emergencies are difficult to predict.


Gain the skills and knowledge to better coordinate management, leadership, and community driven activities at the 2021 Disaster & Emergency Management Conference. 


This annual event is designed for all leaders, change-makers and workers in the disaster and emergency management sector.


Hear from keynote speakers, sector representatives and lived-experience speakers, expand your connections, and discover how you can improve current industry operations.

Leading Through Disruption - Creating a Culture of Resilience


Being a leader isn’t easy.

The world is increasingly volatile, ambiguous and uncertain. Organisations are undergoing significant change and while there’s much to be gained, agile work practices, and flexible ways of working are challenging.

Despite millions spent on refining strategies, changing structures, improving processes and adopting new technologies, 85% of people are unhappy at work, 95% of leaders say employee burnout is sabotaging their workforce, and performance gains, which are usually the point, remain out of reach.

We’re in an era of leadership that demands the transformation of oneself to navigate disruption, lead with compassion and take action in direct accordance with our vision, values, purpose and passion.

While we all have some level of resilience, very few of us ever consider the need to develop resilience. Surely we’re strong enough, right?

But what if our view of resilience, much like that of leadership, is an illusion that prevents us from realising our potential as leaders to navigate disruption and accelerate growth while taking care of our own and others wellbeing?

Resilience is not just about our ability to bounce back, it’s about moving forward and having momentum to advance despite adversity.

It’s about having a clear vision, a sense of purpose and seeing challenges as an opportunity to connect. It’s about being prepared and balancing a realistic view of optimism with an appreciation of the importance of health and developing the skills to regulate our emotions and be calm when dealing with complexity.

A leader is anyone willing to take responsibility for finding the potential in the themselves, others and ideas; and has the courage to develop that potential with a practical and science-backed approach to elevating performance and advancing as leaders no matter who they are, what they do or where they come from.

3 Key Learning Objectives:
– Understand three dimensions of emergency worker challenges and what creates vulnerability
– Learn about a six factor model to build resilience and an integrated cross-agency approach to create a culture of resilience
– Learn about the latest methods to embed program champions for proactive mental health, alongside current case studies

September 2-3, 2021

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