Resilient during pandemic - Coronavirus

How to be Resilient During a Pandemic - Video Series

Stress, worry, information overload... If there was ever a time when we need resilience, it is now.

Driven specializes in helping people assess and build personal resilience. Simply, the more resilient you are, the better you can handle a situation like the coronavirus pandemic and support those around you.

Personally, I want to help you be resilient during this time. I hosted a series of free webinars covering different aspects about resilience and strategies you can use right now. Recordings are included below for you to be strong and grow through this time!

The Six Domains
Pandemic Resilience Introduction

Vision, Purpose and Meaning
During the Pandmic

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Should We Be Calm During a Crisis?
Pandmic Resilience

Reasoning, Resourcefulness and Preparation
Pandemic Resilience

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Your Brain on a Healthy Routine
Pandemic Resilience

Dopamine, Motivation and Tenacity
Pandemic Resilience

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Connection and Collaboration
During the Pandemic

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