Executive Resilience Book

$33.00 AUD

We in uncertain times. And uncertainty is one thing that the brain doesn’t like.


An interconnected set of crucial life skills, collectively called resilience, is the answer to these uncertain times.


For the first time, insights from neuroscience, psychological resilience, and workplace culture are combined to discover the origin of sustainable disruptive innovation. Jurie Rossouw present a holistic model for resilience that contains the six critical components of a resilient culture.


Executive Resilience takes a tour through practical neuroscience and their implications for leaders and managers to guide their people in uncertain times. This book will help you understand:

  • The importance of resilience – why now?
  • What resilience is through the lens of neuroscience
  • How to build personal resilience and lead by example
  • How to instil resilience into the culture of an organisation

There is an imperative for us all to work together to build resilience in people. Organisations are particularly well-placed in this pursuit. Not only because of its reach with employees, but also in the measurable benefits that come from a resilient workforce–higher engagement, more innovation, healthy, productive and thriving.


304 Pages