Building Resilience In Teams With Driven

Introducing Driven Teams An easy way to build resilience with groups

If there was ever a time when we all needed resilience, this is it.

In short, resilience gives us the ability to live meaningful and fulfilling lives despite all the challenges along the way. This has many benefits, including:

  • Giving people a sense of purpose to thrive during adversity

  • Driving businesses to innovate to stay alive during tough times

  • Teaching people how to be persistent and not let anything stop them

  • Building stronger relationships, with partners, friends, family, and colleagues

  • Developing physical resilience and wellness through healthy habits with sleep, nutrition & exercise

  • Maintaining mental wellness by protecting against depression, anxiety, and more

Fortunately, resilience is a skill we can build. No matter how young or old, anyone can take stock of their resilience levels and start building to become more mentally fit.

This is something we can all benefit from given all the challenges we’re facing now. And to make resilience building easy and accessible for teams and groups of people, we’ve created Driven Teams.

Who is Driven Teams designed for?

If you are someone that wants to support the wellness of others, then you can do this through Driven Teams. This might include:

  • Managers & business owners looking to support employees

  • Schools looking to support teachers & students

  • Parents looking to support their families

  • Friends looking to support each other

This easy yet powerful tool gives you the ability to quickly provide high quality resilience building tools to anyone. Simply create an account and invite them.

If you are someone that wants to support the wellness of others, then you can do this through Driven Teams.

How does Driven build resilience?

There are two key ingredients to really improve the resilience of teams:

  • Resilience Check – first we start with our scientifically validated PR6 resilience assessment. This gives each person insight into their own strengths and opportunities to improve. Our research found this part is a strong motivator for people to then continue on to the training

  • Daily Skills Building – The resilience training consists of short daily activities, tips and skills-building (about 5 minutes each). This curriculum is tailored to each person based on their assessment results. People can do this at their own pace through the Driven Resilience App. The activities themselves are engaging and delivered through a chatbot called Driven making it a lot of fun to use. Driven also can chat to people in the moment if they just want to talk – a virtual confidant that’s there all the time to help you talk through whatever is on your mind

Driven is unique as a scientifically-validated resilience training program. We’ve published multiple peer-reviewed research papers on the effectiveness of our neuroscience-based approach to build resilience.

Every team member’s resilience scores and chats with Driven is 100% confidential. As an admin you can see how much Driven is being used in the team and aggregated mood & issue tracking, allowing you to get meaningful insights without breaching anyone’s privacy.

Your admin tools

As an admin, you get access to the Admin area to easily manage your team members. This includes:

  • Add & manage users easily and they are instantly invited through email

  • Create groups and sub-groups to organise multiple teams

  • Add multiple admins to help administer larger teams

  • Access resources to help you build resilience with your team

  • Check the dashboard to monitor overall team usage, mood and challenges faced by the team

How to get started

Driven Teams makes it easy to start instantly with your team right now. Here’s how:

  1. Start a Driven Teams account by clicking here

  2. Try it out for free and even invite some people to try it for free as well – make sure you install the app!

  3. Upgrade to give people full access to see their resilience scores and access all the content. When you upgrade, you cover the cost for everyone on the team

Why wait? Try it out now with your team!

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