Resilience For Managers

Resilience For Managers

& How Resilience Changes Business

Resilient managers are able to understand, interpret & discover new insights about their team’s resilience and wellbeing levels even during times of change, high pressure, and stress.

The results are indeed fantastic, considering the amount of change and stress there is around in the organization right now!"

Why is resilience in managers so important?

Resilience provides you with a protective factor to deal effectively with times of change, high pressure, and stress – a quality you can pass on to your team. It is a core leadership skill and has a significant impact on:

  • Your Performance
  • Your Mental Health
  • Your Job Satisfaction
  • Your Physical Health
  • Your Staff
  • Your Company’s Success


higher job satisfaction

Employees with higher resilience have 83% higher job satisfaction.


$2.30 for every $1

A study on the workplace found a return of AU$2.30 for every $1 spent on proactive treatment


$4 for every $1

Another found a global average of US$4 per every $1 average – a “no brainer” investment on an economic level

The Manager’s Role in Resilience

Management matters, but leadership matters more. Managers bear a great responsibility to coordinate actions across organisations to ultimately help the business achieve its strategic goals.


The more we learn about the psychology of management, the more we realise the crucial power managers can have on the wellness of staff. Education and training are necessary to build an optimal work environment where people can thrive, stay motivated and give their best.


This is why resilience is a core leadership skill that all managers must invest in.

How do you build staff resilience?

Driven’s resilience approach:

  • Driven helps managers to understand, interpret and discover new insights about their team’s resilience and wellbeing levels
  • Driven creates reports to give you an overview of your team’s resilience and how everyone is tracking as a group
  • Driven explains the 6 domains of resilience to effectively communicate through a shared language
  • Driven teaches managers how to talk about and support resilience and wellbeing within their teams
  • Driven enables you to compare your team with normal scores to understand where your team is at currently
  • Driven predicts of where your team might be heading in the future

Ready to become a resilient manager?

One quarter of all employees view their jobs as the #1 stressor in their lives.

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Research / understand the problem

Our research-based framework provides practical insights into human resilience and wellbeing. Learn more about how we build Driven and the resilience models.
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Create a resilient culture

Encourage team cohesion and lead by example. Build awareness, urgency for corporate resilience training and make a commitment to mental health.
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Assess resilience

With our diagnostic assessment, managers get an overview of their staff's wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness. Individuals gain detailed insights into their personal health.
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Implement program & track results

With Driven your staff will master basics of resilience techniques for rapid bounce back when things go wrong. We enable you to track results and development of teams to recognise progress. See our case study