Certified Resilience First Aid Instructor

Tony Holt

Industry Focus:

Corporate, Education, Mining, Professional Services


  • Brisbane , Qld
  • Australia Wide

Instructor Bio

Tony is an experienced and skilled facilitator who creates fun, engaging and interactive learning environments.

Experienced facilitating to large and small organisations, as well as to Government, Schools, Childcare Centres, Community Services, Retail, Mining, Construction, and the Health Sector. Tony also provides training in Physical First Aid and Fire Safety as well as Mental Health First Aid to many of his clients.

Tony is skilled in building rapport with participants and making people feel at ease as well as safe during courses. It is for this reason many organisations use First Aid and Fire as their exclusive course provider.

What will you learn?

Learn how to proactively build mental wellness in people you care about

Learn how to support others through six resilience domains

Learn language to talk proactively about mental health

Learn how to respond when someone is struggling

Learn a strength-based model to become a source of hope

Learn how to connect meaningfully to support those around you

Resilience First Aid

Course Outcome

On completion of the course, you will:

Don’t wait until the people around you are struggling.

Take on the challenge now to build mental health proactively. This is how we can make a long term impact.

- Jurie Rossouw