HART Accredited Certification

HART Accredited Certification

I’m proud to announce the launch of the newly accredited High Adversity Resilience Training (HART) Certification course!

This is an accredited 2-day program to build advanced resilience skills in people exposed to extreme stress. This is valuable preventative training for people in emergency services, defense, healthcare, crisis call centers, as well as educators and other professionals who can benefit from specialised skills.

HART is already in use at the US Air Force, NSW Fire & Rescue, State Emergency Services, and the Rural Fire Services. This impactful training is now available in an easy-to-access format to build a culture of resilience.

Included in the HART Certification:

  • 14 Hours of Advanced Resilience Training, including unique skills such as Sustainable Compartmenting, Concrete Processing, Trauma Resilience, and more
  • Accredited Certification, recognised as best practice suicide prevention training
  • 3-Year Certification with online validation of currency
  • Pre & Post Resilience Assessment to get personal insights and track progress
  • 6 Months full Driven Resilience App access
  • A4 HART Workbook Manual with free shipping, including interactive QR scannable components
  • Neuroscience Research and scientific basis available in a new 2024 research paper

The Value of HART

HART helps you take a proactive approach to mental health. Learn how to be calm and in control during crises, build strong teams, protect against trauma, and live a sustainable life of purpose.

Download the full program brochure to learn more about this advanced training program. HART Certification fees:

AU $345pp

Training formats:

Bulk rates available for groups – get your agency HART Certified today.

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