Resilience Training For Healthcare Professionals

Resilience Training For Healthcare Professionals

Hello Driven helps healthcare professionals develop the skills they need to deal with the pressures of their job while maintaining their physical and emotional health.
Our resilience training prevents burnout by improving healthcare workers’ capacity to deal with workplace stress. We arm healthcare workers with the skills they need to navigate a demanding workplace without it costing them their mental health.

Upskill your healthcare professionals today.

Why is Resilience for Healthcare Professionals Important?

Resilience training helps healthcare professionals cope with the demanding and stressful situations that are part of the job. It improves job performance by increasing empathy and compassion for patients, while also boosting the mental and emotional well-being of the workers themselves, making it a win-win for both employees and businesses.
Resilience training for healthcare professionals:


Employees with higher resilience have 83% higher job satisfaction.


$2.30 FOR EVERY $1
A study on the workplace found a return of AU$2.30 for every $1 spent on proactive treatment.


Another found a global average of US$4 per every $1 average – a “no brainer” investment on an economic level.

Why Invest in Resilience Training for Healthcare Professionals?

Resilience training for healthcare professionals encourages organisational, professional, and individual growth.

It motivates professionals using evidence-backed techniques based on years of on-site study.

At Hello Driven, our resilience training programs for healthcare professionals promote a positive workplace culture by using easy-to-implement, scientifically-proven tools and techniques to improve employee wellbeing, and reduce stress and burnout.

Prepare Healthcare Professionals For Everyday Health Crises

Working in the healthcare sector can be stressful, demanding, and depleting. It’s little wonder then that healthcare professionals experience workplace stress and poor mental health at higher rates than the general public. Healthcare settings are fast-paced and high-stakes workplaces and even a small error can sometimes have serious consequences. Healthcare professionals need healthy coping mechanisms to navigate this emotionally challenging and mentally draining environment.

Resilience training is the perfect tool to help healthcare professionals cope with the daily stresses of their workplaces. It reduces burnout and boosts the capacity to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations.

We provide personalised healthcare resilience training which has been specially designed to address the unique needs of healthcare professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare professionals need specialised coping mechanisms that can be effectively implemented in fast-paced, high-stakes healthcare settings. Our resilience training programs are designed to

  • Encourage learning and development of coping tools and strategies
  • Improve the ability to think clearly and act quickly in emergency situations
  • Protect the well-being of healthcare staff
  • Help to manage stress and resolve problems

All professionals need specialised and personalised attention for their unique workplace challenges. Our resilience training for healthcare professionals can be delivered via

  • Face to face individual sessions
  • Workshops or webinars
  • Virtual meetings
  • Group sessions
  • Apps to track mindfulness

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Our resilience training program is designed for all those who work in the healthcare sector including (but not limited to)

  • Physicians
  • Doctors or Medical Practitioners
  • Paramedics
  • Nurses

Burnout in healthcare industry is very common because of

  • Prolonged work-related stress
  • Lack of role clarity at the workplace
  • Lack of support from seniors and/or negative workplace culture
  • Long hours and limited time to support each patient
  • Emotional strain from patient care

Resilience Courses

Resilience First Aid Certification

A 2-day mental health certification course designed to teach individuals skills to proactively help and support the mental health of others.

Resilience Coach Certification

A 2-day resilience coaching course designed to provide individuals with resources to assess and coach resilience.

Resilience First Aid Instructor Course

The Resilience First Aid Instructor course is designed to upskill coaches and psychologists in their ability to help others build resilience.

High Adversity Resilience Certification

The HART certification course is a specialised program designed for resilience coaches that have clients in high impact occupations.


Resilience First Aid - Fully Online Certification

Start any time. 14 hours fully online self-paced learning to earn your Resilience First Aid Certification.

What will you learn?

Learn how to proactively build mental wellness in people you care about

Learn how to support others through six resilience domains

Learn language to talk proactively about mental health

Learn how to respond when someone is struggling

Learn a strength-based model to become a source of hope

Learn how to connect meaningfully to support those around you

Resilience First Aid


Resilience First Aid (RFA) is a 2-day mental health certification course.

Resilience Workshop In Sydney

Driven offers resilience workshops in Sydney, which are designed to teach groups and employees how to build resilience. Our resilience workshops can be either delivered online or in person. The workshop includes practical activities and tools to nurture positive mental development.

A great way to get started:

Get the Resilience First Aid Kit

A great set of quality physical resources that make resilience tangible and fun to learn.


Free shipping in Australia

Ready to make a difference?

2-Day Resilience First Aid Certification Course

Get certified in the skills to proactively support resilience in others.


Free shipping Worldwide

Looking to scale proactive mental health?

Become a Resilience First Aid Instructor

Become a force for positive change through learning how to provide the certification course.



Mental health is being impacted more than ever throughout the pandemic. Treatment is not enough to change the tide. We need to be more proactive, taking a preventative approach.