Resilience Training In Sydney

Resilience Training In Sydney

Resilience training provides individuals with the tools and skills to build resilience and deal with stress.
Individuals with resilience have been shown to demonstrate higher energy levels and the ability to help others in dealing with stress.

What Is Resilience Training?

Resilience training focuses on developing an individual’s emotional and cognitive resilience. Emotional and cognitive development can improve a person’s mindset and teach them how they can tackle life by being logical. Research has shown that individuals that have been trained in resilience skills have a mindset that is more positive, productive and creative.


Our resilience programs focus on helping employees and teams respond effectively in challenging times. Workplaces are becoming much more complex and highly pressured. Individuals must develop skills to manage stress and adapt to new challenging situations.

How Does Resilience Training Work?

In resilience training, you will learn techniques on how to process and respond to stressful scenarios. Our courses and workshops focus on helping individuals develop this awareness and change the way they would normally respond. During the training, our certified resilience coaches will run through different concepts and activities that are designed to help individuals foster resilience. Resilience training can be tailored for individuals and teams depending on their occupation. The outcome allows individuals to be solution-focused rather than emotion-focused.

What Does Resilience Training Involve?

Our resilience training is designed to develop skills in individuals so they can improve their performance, self-awareness and ability to manage high amounts of stress. We also work with organisations in educating employees on the importance of being adaptable in periods of change and uncertainty. Our training includes:


  • Core resilience concepts
  • Activities to improve and optimise resilience
  • How to become solution-focused
  • How to remain calm and logical during uncertainty
  • How to help others develop their resilience

Resilience Training Benefits

Our resilience training can be delivered via our enterprise resilience programs or workshop. Depending on the availability, the programs can be delivered face-to-face, online or a hybrid of both. The delivery is dependent on the intended outcome of the training.

Work Productivity Improvement

Stress Management Improvement

Solution Focused Decision Making

Team Morale Improvement

Resilience Courses

Resilience First Aid Certification

A 2-day mental health certification course designed to teach individuals skills to proactively help and support the mental health of others.

Resilience Coach Certification

A 2-day resilience coaching course designed to provide individuals with resources to assess and coach resilience.

Resilience First Aid Instructor Course

The Resilience First Aid Instructor course is designed to upskill coaches and psychologists in their ability to help others build resilience.

High Adversity Resilience Certification

The HART certification course is a specialised program designed for resilience coaches that have clients in high impact occupations.


Resilience First Aid - Fully Online Certification

Start any time. 14 hours fully online self-paced learning to earn your Resilience First Aid Certification.

What will you learn?

Learn how to proactively build mental wellness in people you care about

Learn how to support others through six resilience domains

Learn language to talk proactively about mental health

Learn how to respond when someone is struggling

Learn a strength-based model to become a source of hope

Learn how to connect meaningfully to support those around you

Resilience First Aid


Resilience First Aid (RFA) is a 2-day mental health certification course.

Resilience Workshop In Sydney

Driven offers resilience workshops in Sydney, which are designed to teach groups and employees how to build resilience. Our resilience workshops can be either delivered online or in person. The workshop includes practical activities and tools to nurture positive mental development.

A great way to get started:

Get the Resilience First Aid Kit

A great set of quality physical resources that make resilience tangible and fun to learn.


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Ready to make a difference?

2-Day Resilience First Aid Certification Course

Get certified in the skills to proactively support resilience in others.


Free shipping Worldwide

Looking to scale proactive mental health?

Become a Resilience First Aid Instructor

Become a force for positive change through learning how to provide the certification course.



Mental health is being impacted more than ever throughout the pandemic. Treatment is not enough to change the tide. We need to be more proactive, taking a preventative approach.


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