World Mental Health Day 2021 | Driven

What is the aim of the World Mental Health Day? World Mental Health Day was established to raise awareness about particular mental health topics each year. More and more, the call for awareness has grown into a call for action.   People are struggling more than ever with mental health. Over the last 15 years, … Read more

Workplace Stress | Causes + Strategies to manage & prevent stress

The global economy loses an estimated US$1 trillion from depression and anxiety alone. There is an urgent need to inoculate workers from depression, anxiety and stress by developing resilience. In Australia, $14.81 billion a year is lost from workplace stress.[1] In America, that number is an estimated $2.5-8.5 trillion.[2] This cost is felt by employers directly … Read more

How to make the mental shift as lockdown lifts

Practical mental health tips from resilience experts on how to survive and thrive post lockdown As millions of Australians on the eastern seaboard prepare for life outside of lockdown, resilience experts are foreshadowing a period of mental adjustment as people in New South Wales prepare to resume “semi-normal” life post-lockdown.   Maria Ruberto is a … Read more

DASS 21: Depression Anxiety & Stress Scale (Online Test)

What is an anxiety test? Have you ever taken an anxiety test before? We might have all experienced anxiety, but you may not have thought about putting a specific number to the level of anxiety you’re experiencing. Having a clear understanding of your current level of anxiety can be useful for understanding yourself, comparing your … Read more

Spot Check Your Resilience With These Two Questions

In our research we systematically tested over 100 resilience measurement questions with 617 people. From the tens of thousands of data points, we validated which questions best measure the six domains of resilience and resilience overall.   But what if you wanted to quickly get a feel for your (or someone else’s) resilience? Why measure? … Read more

Positive Motivation Techniques To Conquer The Rest Of 2021

Positive motivation techniques in this article can help if:   You’re feeling unmotivated You’re not clear on your goals You want to get more done Jump to:   What is the definition of positive motivation? Positive vs negative motivation Positive motivation techniques Positive motivation at work Positive motivation in sport Positive motivation music What is … Read more

Diamond Creek East Primary School’s Brain-Based Education

How Maria Ruberto Took Driven’s ideas inTo this Primary School Maria Ruberto, Director of Salutegenics Psychology, partnered with a Melbourne primary school called Diamond Creek East Primary School (DCEPS) when they were interested in developing a wellness program. DCEPS wanted to know: What ideas of mental wellness really work? How will we get the children … Read more