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Become a Certified Resilience Coach

Expand your practice with a neuroscience-based program powered by AI to achieve lasting behavioral change.
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Depression, anxiety and stress are improved through resilience

Learn how to assess and build resilience in your clients.


Get access to comprehensive resilience-building tools and resources

Learn about Driven
the PR6

Assess client resilience with the Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6) with instant reports and insight

Learn about the PR6

Expand the reach of your practice with digital tools

An easy-to-use points-based system lets you optimize cost based on your usage

Improve client outcomes

Improve client outcomes

Teach your clients resilience skills even when you’re not around through Driven, the virtual resilience coach

Reach more people

Reach more people

Easily assess and manage large groups of people. Essential for corporate coaching work

Automate to save time

Automate to save time

We’ve automated the resilience assessment & development training, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

You’re in control

You’re in control

The Driven platform gives you a central admin portal through which you can manage clients, assess resilience and provide access to online training

Certification Curriculum

To become a Certified Resilience Coach, you’ll learn about different aspects of resilience as well as gain access to comprehensive tools to help more people than ever before.

1. The Neuroscience of Resilience

Understand the fundamental neuroscience concepts that drive resilience. See how these concepts relate to resilience and gain an ability to explain these to your clients.

2. The Resilience Domains

Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration, Health. These are the six domains of resilience you will learn about. Each domain is explained in detail along with the content of the online training materials.

3. Resilience Measurement & Reporting

The structure of the PR6 questionnaire is discussed, including the interpretation of reports. A sample report is walked through, and all areas explained. Momentum as a predictive measure within the report is explained.

4. Driven Resilience Development

Driven’s daily microtasks comprehensively build neural pathways to effectively facilitate long-term resilience improvement. The program is discussed in detail, as well as mechanics of how it works as an automated platform.

5. Using Driven

Through visual examples, we walk through the online platform. Functionality and system settings are explained to tailor Driven to your needs. We run through a demo of adding clients and measurement. Available resources and support are explained.

6. Practical Examples

Explanation of how you can use the program in a clinical format, as a coach, with individuals, with small groups, with large groups, businesses, schools, and more. Example training formats are discussed, as well as options for measurement and full resilience development.

7. AI & The Future of Coaching

Learn about how to use artificial intelligence and automation to help you achieve more behavioral change. We explore the future of coaching.

8. Certification

At the end of the certification, assessment is conducted and a code of ethics is presented as the standard by which you must abide when using the Driven services. This ensures the highest level of integrity and quality with clients.


Sign up today to get instant access to our exclusive online certification course. Learn the science behind the PR6 & Driven, and get access to the tools you need to start using it with your clients

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The Certification:

  • Complete certification training presented through training videos - Equivalent of 1 full day's training
  • Psychologists - Gain 6 Active CPD Hours (per APS guidelines)
  • Coaches - 10 OPD Hours as endorsed by the ACA
  • Self-paced learning - unique narrative-driven interactive training
  • One year of Driven Pro access included
  • 24 bonus points through the year (2 per month)

Comprehensive resources:

  • Video Set: The neuroscience of resilience
  • 200 interactive resilience-building activities through Driven
  • Animation Video Set – The 6 domains of resilience
  • 7 Posters – The resilience domains (PDF)
  • Presentation materials – 170+ slides with speaker notes
  • Practitioner manual – PR6 Application Guidelines
  • Research papers – 2016 and 2017 full PR6 research papers


Who is this training available for?

Online certification is only available to psychologists, therapists, counsellors and coaches (defined as Practitioners). Proof of qualification may be requested.

What’s the difference between the Online Certification and the Face-to-Face Certification?

The content remains the exact same, the only difference is the Face to Face Assessment is taught in an interactive classroom style, while the online certification all ows you to complete the Certification in your own time.

What other costs are associated with the assessment, training and using Driven?

As a coach, you will use points to assign the PR6 assessment and Driven resilience training services. Get in touch and we’ll send you a sheet that sets out all the details – info@hellodriven.com (note, this information is available to Practitioners only).